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My publications are full of fascinating historical detail and packed with beautiful photography. They are written to be accessible to everyone, from the unique perspective of a Master Craftsman and historian who has worked with this material at the highest level for over 35 years. Whether you are a curator or conservator in the museum world, a military modeller or wargamer, an historical re-enactor, or a costume or game designer, there is something in these books for you. To find out more each title, click on the cover images or the links below, which will take you to dedicated pages for each publication, where you can buy your copy. Ebooks are supplied as PDF files, which can be read on PCs, tablets and Kindles. Some articles are available as free PDF downloads under the Creative Commons 4.0 Non-Commercial, Non-Derivative Licence (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0), or are free to read online.

Buying my books: payment is processed by Paypal on their secure server, using credit and debit cards, or your Paypal account, if you have one (you do not need to have a Paypal account). A link to download eBook files will be sent to you via Wetransfer, normally within one working day of purchase. These eBooks are licensed for your personal use (see terms and conditions here), but you can also buy them as a gift for someone else and the link to download the file can be sent directly to them. Printed publications are shipped by priority international post.

A book by Master Armourer Chris Dobson about the originalcolour finishes applied to medieval and renaissance arms and armour.

This book overturns centuries of misconceptions about arms and armour.
*New printed book*
Pre-order price: €55.00

PDF article comparing the armour of Kunz Schott von Hellingen and the art of Albrecht Dürer, by Chris Dobson.

A detailed examination of the Kunz Schott armour, compared to the art of Dürer.
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Free PDF download

Ebook on Italian &lsqalla tedesca’ armour made for export to the German States.

This eBook explains what 15th century Italian alla tedesca armour actually was.
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PDF Price: €21.95

Online article about the 15th century arms and armour depicted in the religeous art of Piedmont, by Chris Dobson.

Arms and armour in the frescoes of North-West Italy. Scroll down for English version.
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Online article

Ebook on cuir bouilli hardened-leather armour by Chris Dobson.

Manufacturing techniques for Medieval and Renaissance hardened-leather armour.
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PDF Price: €29.95

Ebook on Italian armour used in Medieval Piedmont

A study of armour depicted in Piemontese frescoes of the 15th century.
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PDF Price: €29.95

Armour restoration by Chris Dobson eBook

Stunning restoration projects, with detailed photos before, during and after the work.
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PDF Price: €29.95

Ebook about Paolo Uccello’s paintings of the Battle of San Romano

Hidden within Uccello’s famous paintings is a story of war, murder and political intrigue.
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PDF Price: €24.95

PDF article comparing surviving 15th century Italian and German besagews by Chris Dobson.

An article comparing surviving 15th century Italian and German besagews.
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Free PDF download

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