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Gothic Piedmont

The Art at the Foot of the Mountain

A general introduction to the Medieval and Renaissance art of Piedmont. PDF eBook by historian Chris Dobson.

Gothic Piedmont
The Art at the Foot of the Mountain

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The art of Piedmont, the land ‘at the foot of the mountain’ is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. If you go to Florence, Venice or Rome, the art in those powerhouses of the Renaissance is concentrated in centres easy to reach for tourists, but if you come to Piedmont, you are going to have to go ‘off the beaten track’. There is an awful lot of art here – some of it absolutely spectacular – but rather than in cities, it is to be found in the castles and small churches scattered throughout the plain and mountains of this beautiful region, so unless you have your own transport and you know what you are looking for, you are not going to find it.

In this short book, I introduce readers to the unique character of this region, heavily-influenced by French culture. There are two threads that run through art here: the courtly elegance of the powerful noble families who supported the Holy Roman Emperors, and the more ‘everyday’ religious paintings of itinerant artists who decorated the humble churches and chapels that local people and pilgrims following the Via Francigena worshipped in.

Download this free eBook as your introduction to the little-known but beautiful Medieval and Renaissance art of Piedmont.

The Abbey of the Sacra di San Michele, near Turin, Italy.
A detail of a fresco of the crucifixion in the chapel of San Bernardo in Castelletto Stura, Piedmont.
The courtly frescoes in the audience chamber of the castle of La Manta.
Photos from the eBook, left to right/top to bottom: The Sacra di San Michele, the inspiration for the abbey in Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose, photo: Elio Pallard (CC BY-SA 4.0); The Master of the Life of San Fiorenzo, The Crucifixion (detail), Chapel of San Bernardo, Castelletto Stura, © Copyright Chris Dobson; Anonymous, Joshua, one of the Nine Worthies and Nine Heroines in the cycle of frescoes in the audience chamber of the castle of La Manta, photo: © Copyright Chris Dobson.

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