Renaissance Dissident

Medieval and Renaissance Warfare

In 1985 I established a studio to reconstruct armour and edged weapons. In 1995 the quality of my work was recognized by my appointment as Master Armourer to the Royal Armouries, at the new Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. Queen Elizabeth II was present at the inauguration of my studio there. I am the only modern Armourer in the West to have my Mastership officially recognised. I have also worked as an armourer for film and stage.

In addition to reconstructing pieces, I have spent over 35 years carrying out restoration and consultancy work for museums and private collections at the highest level. In the spirit of the Renaissance, my approach to my craft has always been one of scholarly enquiry, and I am aknowledged as an expert in the field. Over the years I have been a regular lecturer at the Wallace Collection, London, and I organised and lectured at the two International Arms and Armour Conferences in Florence (2003) and Vienna/Graz (2005). I publish books on arms, armour and military history.

As an expert on arms and armour in the wider context of social and military history, I am also available for broadcast interview, either in English or Italian.

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