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Museum Consultancy

A gallery display in the Castlerock Museum.
A gallery display in the Castlerock Museum, designed by Chris Dobson.

My areas of Expertise

As an artist and Master Craftsman, I can speak with authority on how works of art were originally created, from personal experience. In my time, I have worked in wrought iron, steel and non-ferrous metals, cast iron and bronze, solid silver and gold, and organic materials including textiles, wood and leather. For over 30 years I was an expert restorer of armour and edged weapons.

As an independent historian, I have spent many years studying the art, history and culture of Italy in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, particularly Florence in the 15th century. I also specialise in the little-known art of Piedmont. Military history is another important element of my studies, principally the Italian mercenary captains and their companies: the condottieri.

All this is backed up by an extensive knowledge of Medieval and Renaissance Europe and the Classical World.


Museum Consultancy:
I use my expertise to advise museums, from research work on individual pieces to much larger projects, and I have designed the layout of complete museum galleries (see photo above).

Scholastic Research:
As a specialist in Medieval and Renaissance Italy, I am also used to translating and properly interpreting Italian historical documents. When working from originals in archives, this can be particularly challenging, as they are often written in a mixture of local dialect and Latin, and use non-standard spelling and abbreviations. I translate them into an English which is readily understandable to the modern reader, and also does justice to the original text. I provide these services for museums and academic institutions.

Writing Commissions:
I accept commissions for written work, such as articles for blogs and publications, museum catalogues and more exhaustive books. I will also consider adapting any of my published books for broadcast with myself as presenter.

I charge a fee for all these services. For consultancy rates, please get in touch via the Contact page.

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