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Travelling to Piedmont - and Fossano

A 17th-century map of Piedmont, Italy.

Flying into Piedmont

The capital of the region is Turin, and flights into its airport, Turin Caselle arrive from all over Europe, the UK, and the USA.
This is the best airport to use if flights are available. From the centre of Turin, there are regular direct train services south to Fossano, usually two per hour, with a journey time of less than 1 hour. A full timetable is available on the Trenitalia website, where you can also book tickets online.

Another airport serving the Region, and the largest airport in Northern Italy, is Milan Malpensa. It is however further from Fossano, and if using public transport, you would still have to travel by (and changes trains at) Turin to get here. Rail journey time is 2-3 hours.

The third airport serving the Region is Genoa Cristoforo Colombo. You can travel by rail to Fossano from the centre of Genoa, but you will have to change at Savona, and rail journey time is 2-3 hours. If you have much luggage, I wouldn’t recommend this option if you have a choice.

Whichever airport you fly into, for a fee we can arrange to have you collected and brought directly to Fossano by private limousine service, and then taken back again after your tour(s) or itinerary.
NB: we can also arrange transfers to and from other parts of Italy by private limousine service.

If you are driving yourself: Fossano can be reached via the E717 Autostrada which runs north-south between Turin and Savona, taking the Exit A6 for Fossano.

Accommodation in Fossano

Palazzo Righini
Is a 4-star hotel in the historic centre of Fossano, just a short walk from the castle. It occupies an elegant palazzo, and part of the deconsecrated church adjoining it. It has an excellent restaurant and comfortable bar.

Other accommodation is available both within the centre of Fossano and in the countryside around the town

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